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House Numbers and Backers

Our House Numbers and Backers are made to order.  Our wooden numbers and backers are all made in house with materials sourced locally.Wait time on orders can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks in our busy season.

We also sell metal house numbers and backers, these are sourced internationally and wait time is usually 4-6 weeks after the order has been placed.

House Numbers - $30 / Character

We make our wooden numbers in house, this allows for a quicker turnover, great quality control and a high degree of customization.
We provide a standard font as seen in the example images, and a standard finish of boiled linseed oil. Our numbers are made from Douglas Fir.

House Number Backers - $300 / Standard Backer

We offer 2 standard patterns for 6 inch numbers, Tiled and Herringbone. They can be Horizontal, or Vertical.
The Dimensions of the backers are 24″ x 8″.
Made with Douglas Fir, finished with boiled linseed oil.


Above is what we offer at a standard level, If you would like a custom font, backer pattern, or type of wood used for your numbers and backers we have the ability to cater to your needs. Please use the form below to initiate a conversation and we will help you with your order.

See images below for Ideas for custom patterns; chevron and weaved. We also offer custom staining, painting, finishing, and a border on your pattern at additional cost.

Interior / Exterior Signage

If your are just looking for an update for your house numbers, or you need new commercial signage we would be happy to provide you with a quote for supply, install, or both. 

We provide custom cut signage, wood or metal, backer or no backer, just ask we’ll make it. Our experience consists of designing and installing signage on interiors and exteriors, if they require power for backlight we do low or high voltage.  We can also provide way finding.

Whether you need to direct people on your property, in your buildings, or on the trails in your community we can also provide you with way finding signage, and shelters.

If any of these peak your interest please let us know.

Need A Quote!

Looking for Interior or Exterior signage, give us a call or scroll down and fill out the form below and we will quote your project.